Levy Lab Alumni accepted into Graduate Programs

Mar 25, 2014


The Levy Lab team is proud to announce the following lab alumni who have been accepted into various graduate programs. We would like to congratulate the following alumni on their exciting achievements and future plans!

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Ashton Roach

The Levy Lab team would like to congratulate 2010 alum Ashton Roach for being accepted into the masters of science program in clinical mental health counseling at Northern Kentucky University.

Neil Meyer

The Levy Lab team would like to congratulate senior research assistant and lab manager Neil Meyer on formally accepting his invitation to joinOklahoma State University's Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program. Neil will be attending the program on a full-ride scholarship as well as under the mentorship of assistant professor Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt. Dr. Sweatt's research interests are focused on the conceptualization of personality disorders using general personality models and on the clinical applications of personality models within the personality disorder nomenclature.

Matthew Perlman

The Levy Lab team is beyond thrilled to announce that research assistant and lab manager Matthew Perlman recently received and accepted an invitation to join Ohio University's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program. Matt will be studying under the mentorship of Dr. Timothy Anderson, an associate professor at the university who specializes in psychotherapy research. Dr. Anderson’s primary research interest is on the influence of interpersonal processes on psychosocial treatment.

Kate Benson

We are proud to announce that Kate Benson, a former Levy lab post-baccalaureate, recently accepted an offer to become a PhD candidate atTexas A&M. She will be working under the mentorship of Dr. Les Morey.Dr. Morey's research interests include assessment, diagnosis and classification of personality and psychopathology, personality disorders, and alcoholism.Congratulations Kate! We wish you lots of success and look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments as a graduate student.

Samuel Riley

Levy lab senior research assistant Samuel Riley has been offered admittance into two different medical field programs. The first one, The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), is situated in northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the second one, The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Bradenton (LECOM-B), is located in Bradenton, Florida.The medical training for Osteopathic medicine and (D.O.)s is basically identical to that of an M.D. program. The difference lies in the fact that D.O. programs train their students to look at patients more holistically. These programs also provide additional training in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy which involves chiropractic techniques.Samuel has decided to accept PCOM's invitation and will be graduating with a Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree in the year 2018. He is also considering a specialization in a branch of internal medicine (Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, etc...) or possibly family medicine.

Jennifer Fox

We are proud to announce that Levy lab senior research assistant and cortisol coordinator Jennifer Fox was recently invited to join Teach for America (TFA). TFA is a well renowned program that focuses on reaching unprivileged areas and populations all across the country, with the purpose of achieving the highest level of educational equality. Some of the qualities they look for in their prospective teachers are high levels of commitment, leadership skills, superior interpersonal skills, strong academic achievement, great critical thinking skills, and respect for diversity in background and personal experiences. Jennifer has been assigned to serve as a middle school sciences teacher in Chicago, Illinois. Congratulations Jennifer!