Past Affiliated Doctoral Students

Pennsylvania State University

Nicole Cain, Ph.D.

Ann Stonebraker, M. S.

Research/Clinical Interests

Ann's research and clinical interests include examining how environmental factors in childhood mediate mental health and development, personality disorders (particularly borderline, narcissistic and histrionic PDs), attachment relationships, psychodynamic psychology, and the clinical management of symptoms emblematic of borderline personality disorder (self-injurious behavior, affective lability).

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Candice White

Sanno Zack, Ph.D.


Komal Choski

Komal Choksi is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology program located at City College, where is undergoing training in long-term psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy with children and adults. Her academic interests include the role of the father in early female development, attachment theory and the application of psychoanalytic theory to films and nationhood. In her spare time she enjoys reading and cooking.

Jenifer T. Clark

Alex Crumbley

Research interests

Empirical investigations of developmental theories. The relationship between verbal expressiveness and mental representation. Issues in the assessment of attachment and reflective function. Adjustment disorder in late adolescence. The historical avant garde.

Clinical Interests

Integrative approaches in the treatment of depression

Diana Guiterez

Erika Goldberg

Melissa Ilardi

Research interests

The role of play in the development of reflective functioning. Developing interventions for teenage parents by examining reflective functioning and parent-child relationships. Exploring the process of therapeutic change.

Melissa Jacobs

Research Interests

Identity development across the lifespan; Attachment; Psychodynamic psychotherapy outcome

Clinical Interests

Psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults and children

Jason Kruk

Joseph Reynoso, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Psychoanalytic approaches to understanding romantic love relations; intersubjectivity theory within psychoanalysis and philosophy; applied psychoanalytic studies of film and literature; the study of language/discourse shifts and patterns in the therapeutic setting

Clinical Interests

Psychoanalytic approaches to schizophrenia, narcissism; psychodynamic play therapy with children with specific language impairments

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Michal Weber

Research Interests

Attachment theory with respect to adults, mental representations and object relations, as they relate to affect regulation and mentalization.

Clinical Interests

Psychodynamic psychotherapy with adults and children.