Lab Coordinators

Rachel Blansfield

  • Data Informatics

Rachel is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Psychology. She is interested in abnormal psychological development especially its effects on children and adolescents. After graduating from the Pennsylvania University, Rachel plans on attending medical school to purse a career in Adolescent and Childhood Psychiatry. In her free time, Rachel enjoys running, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Christian Dellavella

  • Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

Christian is a senior, pursuing a B.S in Psychology (Life Sciences Option). Interested in all aspects of psychology, his true focus lies in the effects drugs and other substances have on the human brain. Working at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Philadelphia, PA, he has witnessed both the catastrophic and lifesaving power of a variety of drugs. After graduation from The Pennsylvania State University, he plans to attend graduate school and seek a career in clinical psychology. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and dog, watching movies, working out, and traveling

Ruth Ileka


Ruth is a senior, pursuing a B.S in Psychology with a Life Sciences focus. While many aspects of psychology interest her, she is mainly interested in personality disorders and their correlation to substance abuse disorders. After graduation she plans on either attending graduate school or beginning a JD program. Her ultimate goal is to work a legal setting and work on destigmatizing mental health and substance abuse also begin programs that offers mental help support to those suffering from abuse. Outside of lab she loves to go to concerts, hang out with her roommates, and go to the gym.

Keegan Knecht

  • Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) & Website

Keegan is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University pursuing a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a minor in Visual Arts. She is generally interested in personality disorders, trauma-related depression, PTSD, and anxiety. She hopes to eventually attend graduate school and work for or create an Art Therapy Center. Outside of the lab, Keegan enjoys listening to music, creating ceramic art, and playing video games. 

Jessica LaRocca

  • IRB

Jessica is a junior at Penn State pursuing a major in Psychology (focus in neuroscience). After graduation she plans to attend graduate school and get her Ph. D in clinical psychology. She has many interests that include forensic and personality psychology. Outside of the lab Jessica enjoys international travel, skiing, reading, going to the gym, and playing with her cats. 

Isabella Manuel

  • Participant Scheduling & Responses to Psychotherapy Over Time

Isabella Manuel is a senior majoring in Psychology-Neuroscience and Biology. She is a Paterno Fellow Aspirant and plans to attend medical school following graduation at Penn State to practice Psychiatry. Her research interests involve the underlying causes of mood and personality disorders, and how treatments may be improved using neurobiological evidence. Outside of lab, Isabella enjoys listening to music, reading, and working out.