Contemporary psychodynamic treatments: Commentary on psychoanalytic/psychodynamic approaches to personality disorders.

Comments on the original chapter by P. Fonagy et al.(see record 2020-10989-069) regarding contemporary psychodynamic treatments (PDTs) for personality disorders. In this commentary, the author highlights some of the points that he think could have had more emphasis in stressing the unique contributions and utility of a psychodynamic approach. Psychodynamic approaches to personality disorders, although diverse, all share certain basic tenets. Arguably there may be additional tenets for consideration, but the author focuses on the following:(1) that early childhood relationships with caregivers play an important role in shaping how we experience and view subsequent relationships (this is the idea of transference);(2) that some mental processes, such as motives, desires, and memories, are not readily available to awareness or conscious introspection (the idea of the unconscious);(3) people are sometimes …
Kenneth N Levy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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