Appointment Request

Guidelines for Meeting with Dr. Levy

  • Provide the request to meet with Dr. Levy at least 1 week in advance (at a minimum; preferably 2+ weeks in advance). If you cannot meet this requirement, fill out the form anyway but be sure to explain why you could not meet this requirement in the message box below.
  • Enter in a minimum of 2 times that you are available (preferably in time blocks; e.g., 1pm - 4pm)
  • Make sure you have entered information in each field that has a red box beside it, or your meeting request will not send (red star= required field)
  • Important: All submissions that are submitted through this form will be automatically CC'd to the lab manager. All messages will be kept highly confidential; however, if you would like to contact Dr. Levy privately, please use the form below as a template and e-mail him directly at .

Please enter the reason for your appointment with Dr. Levy below. Use as much detail as possible. You may also include any additional information pertaining to the meeting.   Please choose the time that best suits your needs by checking one of the boxes below. You are permitted to select more than one option if you would like (or if you are unsure).

When entering your availability, please list the start time and end time (with AM or PM), the day of the week (e.g., Monday, Friday, etc.), and the actual date (e.g., 01/01/2000). Please note that your availability time block should not represent how long you actually plan on meeting. If, however, it is the same (e.g., you request a meeting for an hour and are only available for an hour), that's okay too.

Contact Information for the Lab

Please feel free to contact us directly in the lab at 814-863-1745 if you have any comments or questions. If you would like to contact Dr. Levy directly, his information can be obtained here.

Tech Support

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