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2015 Congratulations and Graduation Announcements

2015 Congratulations and Graduation Announcements

May 8, 2015

Several members of the lab are leaving us this year. Some have graduated and others are going on to graduate programs in the fall. We would like to congratulate them all on where they are headed and for some of their achievements during their last year at Penn State.

Lauren Lipner

Congratulations to former lab manager Lauren Lipner for accepting her invitation to Adelphi University’s Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. Lauren will be working with Dr. J. Christopher Muran, who studies ruptures and repairs in the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy.

Colin Carey

Congrats as well to former lab manager Colin Carey who will be attending the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at The California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego (part of the Alliant University system). Their program is very strong among other professional school programs and he will be working with researchers such as Dr. Irwin Rosenfarb and Dr. Veronica Perez. We hope he enjoys his time on the West Coast!

Brittani Hollern

We are also excited to announce that former lab manager Brittani Hollern will be attending Eastern Michigan University’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program where she will be working with Dr. Alissa Huth-Bocks who’s research focuses include early developmental psychopathology, parenting, and attachment relationships.

There are a handful of other lab members we would like to congratulate on graduating and thank for their hard work over the past few years. We wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors: Ana-Sophia Ross, Julie Meinert, Alyssa Spaw, Sydney Risley, and Jessica Berry.

We would like to further congratulate former lab manager Ana-Sophia Ross who won third place in the social science category at the Undergraduate Exhibition where she presented her honors thesis. Ana also received the department's Mona Shibley Bird Award given every year to an outstanding graduating senior!

Congrats also to former Training Coordinator Julie Meinert who received an honorable mention for the University Libraries Award for Information Literacy at the Undergraduate Exhibition for her thesis research.