ISSPD 2019 (Vancouver)

Levy Lab Group Photos 2019

Psi Chi Conference 2019

Undergraduate Student Regional Posters 2019

Sharon Nelson Dissertation 2/21/2019

Levy Lab Group Photos 2018

SPR 2018 (Amsterdam)

SEPI 2018 (NYC)

APS 2018 (San Francisco)


ISSPD 2017 (Heidelberg, Germany)

Levy Lab Group Photos 2017


Levy Lab Group Photos 2016

ISSPD 2015

Levy Lab Group Photos 2015

SEPI 2015

Photos taken at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration held in Baltimore, Maryland June 18-21, 2015.

SPR 2015

Photos taken at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research in Philadelphia

SROP/McNair Research Symposium

Psychology McNair Scholars at the 2015 SROP/McNair Research Symposium

Project Air Conference (2014)

Levy Lab Group Photos 2014


Ken Levy and daughter Grace

Spring Graduation 2014

Congratulations Matthew, Lauren, Kevin, Jennifer, and Allison!

Levy Lab Alumni Reunion

The Kennedy Forum 2013

NASPR 2013

Levy Lab Group Photos 2013

Dr. Joe Beeney’s Ph.D. Graduation 2013


Christmas Break Reunion 2012

Reunion of former lab managers and undergraduate research assistants Justin Meyer and Sharon Nelson.

Levy Lab Group Photos 2012

Spring Award Luncheon 2012

SEPI 2012

Photos from the 2012 Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) conference, held in Evanston/Chicago, May 18-20, 2012.

Graduate Poster Session 2012

Bill Ellison's Poster Session

New and Old Research Lab Facilities 2012

Photos of the new and old lab spaces, before, during, and after the move (due to renovations in the Moore building).

Men’s Health Magazine Article 2011

This set of pictures contains clips from the December, 2011 issue of Men's Health Magazine, featuring Dr. Levy. The full article can be obtained from the publishers at Men's Health Magazine.

fMRI Jealousy Study Documentary 2011

Photos taken during a film-shoot for a documentary, which occurred during Dr. Levy's fMRI Jealousy study. Photos taken on June 16th, 2011.

Levy Lab Group Photos 2011

Old Website Pre-2011

Graduation 2011

Graduation photos of former/current lab members from May 2010.

PAACE Awards 2011

Psi Chi Induction 2011

Photos from the Psi Chi Induction at Penn State in March 2011.

Asa Andrew Nelson-Ulsh 2010

Photos of Sharon Nelson's baby boy, born on July 30th, 2010.

Pennsylvania Psychological Association Conference 2010

MASPR 2009

2009 Mid-Atlantic Society for Psychotherapy Research Conference on November 6-7, 2009.

ISSPD 2009

McNair Scholars Conference 2009

Psychology Undergraduate Conference 2009

Psi Chi Conference 2009

Early Development, Attachment, and Psychotherapy Conference 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark. November, 2008.

APA Division 29 Early Career Award 2008

McNair Scholars Conference 2008

Harvard Club 2008

Jonathan Shedler (University of Colorado, School of Medicine), Frank Yeomans (Cornell), Kevin Meehan (Long Island University), and Kenneth Levy (Penn State)

Levy Lab Group Photo 2008

The American College of Psychiatrists 2007

Photos taken by Herman Farrer Photography in February, 2007.

American Psychoanalytic Association Midwinter Meeting 2007

APA Division 39 Conference 2007

Graduation 2007

MASPR 2007

Grace Sophia Levy, 3/23/2007

Photos of Dr. Levy's baby girl, Grace, born on March 23rd, 2007.

Penn State Psychotherapy Conference 2007

UCSD Attachment Institute

Photos taken during the UCSD Attachment Institute Shifting the Frame: An attachment Approach to Adult Psychotherapy Workshop on October 7th, 2006.

Division of Psychoanalysis (Division 39) Conference 2005

MASPR 2005

TFP Training with Dr. Yeomans 2005

Otto Kernberg Conference 2005

Personality Studies Institute (PSI) Conference 2005

Phil Shaver’s 60th Birthday and Promotion to Distinguished Professor 2004

Adult Attachment Conference 2004

Lab Photos 2004

American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) Conference 2004

Festschrift For Sid Blatt 2003

Adult Attachment Interview NYC-CUNY Training Institute 2001

CUNY Lab Photos 2000-2004