Christina Temes Matches at Mass General for Pre-Doctoral Internship

Apr 02, 2015

Congratulations to Christina Temes, M.S, M,Phil., who matched at Massachusetts General Hospital's (MGH) prestigious pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship site at Harvard Medical School. MGH is one of the most sought-after and competitive internships in the country and offers state of the art training and scholarship opportunities in psychotherapy and assessment.

Christina joins a long line of successful internship applicants from the Levy Lab. Lori Scott and Joe Beeney both matched at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Both Rachel Wasserman and Bill Ellison matched at Harvard Medical School internship sites, Rachel at Cambridge Hospital and Bill at Massachusetts Mental Health.

Nationally there is an internship crisis in psychology with 20-25% (800-1,000 students) not matching. All of the graduate students from our lab have matched and typically at their first or second choice institution!

Congratulations, Christina!