Dr. Kenneth Levy Recently Interviewed in the Carlat Psychiatry Report

Jan 05, 2015

In the November/December Carlat Psychiatry Report, Dr. Kenneth Levy was interviewed extensively on the subject of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) for borderline personality disorder. Dr. Levy discussed what (TFP) is and how it is used to help Borderline Personality Disorder patients. He explains: "TFP is a face-to-face individual therapy that takes place twice weekly in 45 to 50 minute sessions. The focus is on reducing symptomatology that is associated with personality disorders (PD), particularly parasuicidality, suicidality, and self-destructive behaviors."

Dr. Levy was also asked questions about setting treatment frames, "When a patient starts psychotherapy, the therapist usually begins by setting a treatment frame that lays out how often you meet, when you meet, etc. -basic things." If therapy starts to work, "we see improvements in affect regulation. Patients start to be aware of disparities between what they might be saying or doing in one moment versus another—especially in the present relationship between them and the therapist" When long term treatments and therapy start to work real changes can be seen: "I have seen people recapture really good lives—lives that are consistent with their interests and their abilities."