Levy Lab RAs Awarded Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship

Jan 01, 2014


Jhanev Allen, Matthew Perlman and Shirley Rojas Acosta, all levy lab research assistants, were recently awarded with the Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship. The Chaiken Family Trustee Scholarship is the largest scholarship ever received by the college of liberal arts. The donors, Gene and Roz Chaiken, instituted this in an effort to help qualified students be able to focus on their studies by reducing their financial burdens.

Both Matthew and Shirley were chosen to share their personal stories at the Chaiken Scholarship event held at Penn State's Moore building last October. Matthew spoke about how receiving the scholarship had provided him with the opportunity to spend more time volunteering and helping out in the community, as well as taking more responsibilities in his research lab. He also spoke about his graduate school plans and expressed his gratitude to the donors. Shirley spoke about how the scholarship had impacted not only her, but her family in the Dominican Republic who carry the burden of supporting two college students in America. She also shared her graduate school plans and expressed her appreciation for her donors' selfless aid.

Congratulations to all three of you!