NASSPD 2017!

Apr 07, 2017


The North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (NASSPD) held its annual conference in NYC over this past weekend and the levy lab was all over it! Some notable remarks from the weekend:

  • Lia Rosenstein was awarded the Gunderson Young Investigator award. Congratulations Lia!
  • Benjamin Johnson won the award for best speed-data presentation. Speed-data presentations are limited to only five minutes, and we are very happy for Ben to have won this award. Other lab members that performed speed-data presentation are Lia and Yogev Kivity and were also close contenders for the award. Former lab member Lauren Lipner also presented an excellent speed-data presentation. 
  • Past lab memers Lori Scott, Joe Beeney, Bill Ellison, and Christina Temes all presented on panels and did amazing jobs as well and were well received.

Overall, we are very happy and proud to see the lab being represented so well by current and former members. A number of people commented on the strength of current and former lab members, good job to everyone!

If you would like to see photos from the weekend, click here to see more!