Neil Meyer Accepts Ph.D. Program Invitation

Apr 01, 2014


The Levy Lab team would like to congratulate senior research assistant and lab manager Neil Meyer on formally accepting his invitation to join Oklahoma State University's Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program, . Neil will be attending the program on a full ride scholarship as well as under the mentorship of assistant professor Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt. Dr. Sweatt's research interests are focused on the conceptualization of personality disorders using general personality models and on the clinical applications of personality models within the personality disorder nomenclature.

Clinical Psychology is an extremely competitive field, specially when it comes to successfully gaining admittance into a Ph.D. program. The fact that Neil can add this achievement to his repertoire serves as clear evidence for his past accomplishments and amazing potential. Congratulations Neil, we look forward to hearing all about your groundbreaking successes in the near future!