Wes Scala, Sharon Nelson, & Heather Close Accepted into Doctoral Program

Mar 14, 2012


We are proud to report that Lab Manager Wes Scala, Associate Lab Manager Sharon Nelson, and former undergraduate Research Assistant Heather Close have been accepted into doctoral programs, within the highly-competitive field of Clinical Psychology.

Wes Scala will be working with our own Dr. Kenneth Levy, Associate Professor of the Pennsylvania State University. His research interests include attachment theory, personality disorders, and psychotherapy outcome and process research. He is also interested in the development and maintenance of mental representations and their role in psychopathology.

Sharon Nelson will work with mentor Dr. Steven K Huprich of Eastern Michigan University. Sharon's interests include TFP and how it compares to other psychotherapies, Psychotherapy outcome research, cultural influence on the effectiveness of various aspects of psychotherapy, and more broadly BPD and other personality disorders.

Heather Close will be working alongside her mentor, Dr. R. Rogers Kobak of the University of Delaware. Dr. Andrew's research focuses on "family and school factors that increase risk for anti-social and mood disorders among low-income adolescents."

All three will begin their graduate training in the Fall of 2012.