Yogev Kivity Ph.D.

Yogev Kivity, Ph.D.


Curriculum Vitae

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I am a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow. I obtained my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. My interests are in understanding interpersonal- and self-related processes as they are related to the manifestation and treatment of psychopathology. My main research interests are in emotion regulation, personality and anxiety disorders and psychotherapy process and outcome. My approach to research is translational, integrating findings and methods from the fields of psychotherapy research, experimental psychopathology, affective science and psychophysiology. In my work, I employ clinical measures, self-report measures, behavioral tasks, coding of videotaped psychotherapy sessions and psychophysiological measures (ERPs and vocally-encoded arousal). My ultimate goal is to understand the mechanisms involved in the manifestation and treatment of various psychological disorders and, consequently, to improve treatments of these disorders.